Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

(Garcia and Danielson)

Another week has passed. First we need to say goodbye to Capt. Garcia, a CRNA, and Dr. Danielson, a Pediatric surgeon (picture # 1). They completed their deployment and flew out at the end of the week for home. I have heard that they are already stateside and should be home to their families later this week. They did a great job and were great to work with. We will miss them. Next, the little boy with beta-thalassemia that had his spleen removed and was treated for parasites returned to clinic this week with his father and sister. He looked great and was all smiles (picture # 2).

(First Seargent)

This week was Cinco de Mayo and we didn't want to miss out on it's celebration. Dr. D. put it best when he said, "it's funny that we are celebrating a Mexican holiday while on an American army base in Afghanistan." True, but let the celebrations begin. Because the 5th landed on a Tuesday, we actually celebrated this event on Saturday May 9th. The hospital had a picnic, complete with typical picnic games; pin the tail on the donkey (picture # 3), fill the urinal relay (picture # 4), wrap the mummy race (picture # 5), and a relay bag race (picture # 5). Please consider that all of these activities were done while completely sober as alcohol is strictly forbidden by General Order # 1.

(Mummy wrap)

(Bag race)

The picnic also included a wheelchair race (picture # 6) and the hitting of a pinata. At the end we had a bar-b-que with hamburgers, hot dogs, steak and all the trimmings. All in all it was a great time to relax and be with each other outside the hospital. I think everyone was grateful for this little diversion. The picnic concluded with the throwing of shaving cream pies. Everyone seemed to get a little shaving cream on them, some more than others (picture # 7). The middle of May is approaching, which means the end is even closer. Take care.

(First Seargent)

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